Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD provides consulting services for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) studies, through a wide network of competent sociologists, economists, and political scientists as collaborators.

In line with the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD evaluates the socio-economic transformations brought about by the technological innovations to ensure no energy poverty, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities.

CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD develops pathways to: (i) valorize socio-economic transformations and promote inclusive growth while responding to globalization, and technological advancements, (ii) safeguard cultural heritage, citizens communities’ growth, European democratic values under trust and coherence in societies.

CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD assesses digitization aspects, the effects of social network communication and the role of education and youth policies as cornerstones of citizenship and legitimate governance.

CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD SSH studies aim to orient the social debate on energy transition priorities and consider all its complexity, addressing not only technological and ecological challenges, but also political and social ones. For instance, SSH research can help understand the knowledge-action gap in climate mitigation policies.